Totalgarde is a laboratory based in the UK that provides access to oil analysis reports on-line along with the ability to plot graphs of results, schedule further sampling, print labels and to add/edit report, client and equipment details.

Totalgarde's objective is to lower costs and increase profits by reducing:

  • Down time
  • In service failures
  • Production losses
  • Plus safely extending drain internvals 
Oil samples submitted to the Laboratory for routine analysis are processed on a 48 hour turnaround time. Sample details and PDF reports are currently uploaded to the web each evening so that they are available for you to access by the following morning.
As a service it provides the most information and advantage to the customer when used over a number of samples. 

Totalgarde will show:

  • The condition of the oil
  • Wear metals
  • Contamination
  • Suitability for use
  • Corrective action to be taken

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