ANAC Diagnosis

ANAC (abbreviation for ANAlysis Compared) is the Total Lubricants corporate diagnosis system for diesel engines and other driveline components, based on the analysis of used oil.


ANAC PRO : A unique tool for improving the competitiveness of your business

A unique way of making your business more competitive. 

Reduced downtime and mechanical damage, longer servicing intervals, longer equipment lifetime, added reliability, increased workshop productivity...

ANAC PRO  will help you to reduce the operating costs arising from vehicle repairs and downtimes and to optimize your vehicle fleet maintenance. 
ANAC PRO  establishes a diagnosis of all mechanical parts of your vehicle and equipment (engine, transmission and hydraulics) based on oil sampling

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ANAC Coolant : The diagnosis of cooling liquids

The ANAC Coolant compares the characteristics of the coolant with the characteristics of the new product. Aided by an exclusive database, the ANAC Coolant team of specialized motorists and chemists analyze and make a diagnosis of the residual quality of the product and advise  if the product needs to be drained or can continue its operation. 

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ANAC EXPERT: The in-depth diagnosis system for driveline components

The in-depth diagnosis system for driveline components ANAC EXPERT  is an in depth, personalized diagnosis system for engines, gearboxes and other driveline components. 

ANAC EXPERT is recommended for :

  • Detailed follow- up of component wear and lubricant behaviour.
  • Spot analysis and diagnosis in special cases ( breakdowns, claims, expertise...)
  • Analysis of new lubricants. 

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As well as being able to provide the basic functions of Totalgarde, ANAC, an inhouse Total laboratory, has set up specialist functions for a number of areas including HGVs, Industry, Marine etc.

Not only will you get the advantages of trend analysis you will also have your equipment compared with similar equipment in the database and will be advised how your equipment is performing compared to similar equipment previously tested by ANAC. ANAC is the only analysis system with this powerful comparative feature. Learn more

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