E lub, our B2B online ordering website

  • Available in 72 countries all over the world (Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa)
  • Service available 24 hours a day - no jet lags constraints- Directly connected to SAP- High security tool
  • More efficient than a fax / Orders errors limited
  • Easy to use - no need to be trained
  • Order basket personalized
  • Order placed in 3 minutes
  • Possibility to follow last orders

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"I have been using the online order system elub for a while now, I would just like to say how easy it is to use and how useful it has been, being able to see previous orders, this allows me to track how much of each grade we are using."  David Schofield, Service Manager, Copcutt Toyota

"I just wanted to say since the online ordering of the bulk oil has been set up, it has been a god send. In a mere minute or less and with a click or two of the mouse I can order my bulk oil requirements, its straight forward, easy and more efficient as I don't have to be near a telephone to place an order."  Mark Nisbet, Parts Supervisor, Lookers Nissan

"I have been using the ELUB online ordering system for several months now and i have to say it is very well set out and easy to use. A few clicks and my orders placed."  Neil Metcalfe, Parts Manager, Turnbulls (Mazda) York